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VBT2011 VALVE BODY TESTER [29.10.2011]

Unparalleled in measurement, accuracy, ease of use and quality of software, the VBT2011 is an essential tool for any serious re-build workshop.

Sonnax [26.09.2011]

  • TC Check Valve Kit for Honda 4/5 Speeds
  • Lube Regulated PR Valve for Honda 4/5 Speeds
  • Tech Article: Overheated Honda Converters/740 Codes

Honda 4/5-Speed Lube Regulated PR Valve [18.08.2011]

Lube Regulated Pressure Regulator Valve
Part # 98892-04K

Related Parts

O-Ringed End Plugs

Ford 5R110W Flanged Impeller Hub, Chrysler 68RFE Damper Springs & Rivets [18.08.2011]

Flanged Impeller Hub
Part # FD-90-65G

Outer Damper Spring
Part # CH-SD-1

Inner Damper Spring
Part # CH-SD-2

Damper Rivet
Part # CH-RV-5

Standoff Rivet
Part # CH-RV-6

Ford E4OD/4R100 Solenoid Regulator Valves, Ford 5R55N Converter Clutch Back Pressure Valve Kit, GM 4L60-E, 4L65-E & 4L70-E 3-4 Shift Valve Kit [06.08.2011]

Solenoid Regulator Valves Late-Style Part # 36947-14, Early-Style Part # 36948-22

Converter Clutch Back Pressure Valve Kit, Part # 56947J-63K

3-4 Shift Valve Kit, Part # 77754-42K

New Powerglide Super Hold Servo Assembly [18.07.2011]

Super Hold Servo Assembly
Part #28821-09K

Features & Benefits

  • 30% More apply area
  • Allows line pressure to be reduced, freeing up horsepower
  • Ensures full release of band
  • Dual seals for piston to case bore
  • Pin to case Teflon® seal
  • Fits into the same space as a standard servo assembly
  • Tunable

Four New Hub/Hub Assemblies. Price Reduction: Multi-Plate Converter Clutch Kit. [18.07.2011]

Front Cover Hub Assembly
Part #MB-HB-1K

Impeller Hub
Part #GM-90-71G

Flanged Impeller Hub
Part #CH-90-19G

Flanged Impeller Hub
Part #TO-90-17G

Multi-Plate Converter Clutch Kit Price Reduction

Mercedes 722.6 Replacement Clutches (1996-On) [06.07.2011]

Premature Torque Converter Clutch Failure in the Mercedes 722.6 improved with Alto Re-designed segmented friction Clutch Plates...

New 10" Racekit for GM 4L60-E (298mm) Converters [23.06.2011]

Racekit Part # GM-RK-18
Related Parts:
Sprag Cartridge Part # GM-CS-5
Sprag Cartridge Part # GM-CS-6

Four New Fixes for GM 5L40-E & 5L50-E Transmissions [15.06.2011]

  • 3-4, 4-5 & Safety Mode Valve Kit
  • Low Pressure Control Valve Kit
  • TCC Control Valve
  • TCC Control & Enable Valve Kit
  • Sonnax offers a whole family of solutions for GM 5L40-E & 5L50-E transmissions!

Allison® 1000/2000/2400 Fiber Thrust Washer [26.05.2011]

Fiber Thrust Washer
Part # AL-WF-2

This new grooved fiber washer provides rebuilders a more durable and thicker option to the OE plastic thrust washer found in Allison 1000/2000/2400 Early units. Many rebuilders prefer the impact resistance of a fiber washer when the OE thrust washer has a high failure rate due to impact loading. This Sonnax washer is .045" thicker than the OE thrust washer, which will help in setting the correct clutch clearance.

9 Sonnax Solutions for Ford 5R55N [24.05.2011]

Sonnax now offers a whole family of solutions for the Ford 5R55N.

Insulator Service Kit for 2001-later Chrysler RE units [17.05.2011]

Neutral Safety Backup Insulator Service Kit
Part #22229-07K

The Sonnax neutral safety backup insulator service kit 22229-03 is a popular favorite for repairing missing, cracked or broken insulators in Chrysler RH/RE '70-'02 units with 3 terminal NSS. Our new insulator service kit, 22229-07K, is a direct replacement for the original insulator in '01- later RE units with digital range sensors.

Ford CD4E Inner Stator Race [05.05.2011]

Part #FD-HR-11

The inner stator race in Ford CD4E 9-1/4" and 10-1/4" and CD4E 9-1/4" (3.0L and 2.3L) units commonly needs to be replaced due to wear and spline damage. This new Sonnax inner stator race is made from through-hardened 52100 bearing steel for longer life.

12 New Solutions for ZF6HP19/26/32 [18.04.2011]

The solutions shown here also fit Ford 6R60.

Transtar: New Product Communication [18.04.2011]

We are pleased to provide you with the attached listing of 250 items created in our sales order system in the month of March 2011. These items are either currently in stock, or will be stocked within the next few weeks. The listing is arranged by transmission type, for your convenience.

New & Improved Powerglide® Gear Sets & Assemblies [18.04.2011]

New for 2011! An expanded line of Powerglide aftermarket parts with performance levels and combinations found nowhere else!

AL4 Valve Body fitting [08.04.2011]

Required Tool.


[1] Locking screw tool

Line pressure booster kit [25.03.2011]

Why settle for old-school technology when there's Sonnax SMART technology?

Many aftermarket "kits" for raising pressure can lock you into an unpleasant situation: too much pressure at idle and not enough at maximum pressures. There is a better way, because there's a smarter way to get the results you want without the drawbacks: Sonnax line pressure booster kits!

55-50 SN Front Planet W/Updated Bushing [24.03.2011]

DATE: 3-17-11
GFX No: U35098
IND No: 59748D

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